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Hey There!

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Shona, and I create stuff. All sorts of stuff. That’s my thing.

We live in a world where people are encouraged to focus on that one big thing that will become the cornerstone of their life. It works very well for some people, but I am not one of them.

I find it to be next to impossible. It’s not my nature. There are so many ways to find creative nourishment that whenever I try to pick just one to follow, I become completely blocked.

After years of trying, I’ve finally just stopped, and it feels so good!  From here on out I am welcoming and reveling in the unlimited ideas that sail into my head. Some of the ideas will work. Some won’t. It all comes with the unreserved passion of creation, and I’m here for it.  

There is one dilemma that I’ve held onto for such a long time. I put effort into living an environmentally conscious life. It’s a weird place to reside when a large part of my creative life depends on physical materials, whether in creation or reproduction.


Another part of that general equation is that I dearly hold on to the notion that art should be accessible to everyone. Often art is only available to people who can afford it, or people who have space in their homes to display it. As someone who has a habit of living in small spaces with limited funds, I relate to the feeling of having to pass up on something pretty or interesting when I’ve really wanted to give the artist some support.


There is a continuous debate in my head over the best way to put out art that supports the idea of inclusivity and environmental consciousness. My current mindset is to try to make things that are used in our daily lives instead of for single use.


I am currently offering paintings and prints. Soon I will begin expanding to items that we use in our everyday lives, such as scarves, metal water bottles, calendars, coasters, dish towels and tote bags.


Cards will be an exception to the single use rule since cards are often kept as a keepsake to look at from time to time or can be recycled relatively easily.

This site is also going to be an open space to post about musicians I love, books that moved me, artwork by other people, food that tastes good - all things that make day to day life meaningful and sweet.

Well, I’m off to create things.


Bye for now,

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