The Hebrew word "chai" means "alive" or "living.” “Chai” also has a spiritual, numerical significance in Judaism, as the numerical values of the Hebrew letters that spell it, Chet and Yod, add up to the number 18, which symbolizes “good luck.” For this reason, it is a ritual custom to give monetary donations in multiples of 18.

With this in mind, I’d like to introduce to you The Chai Project, which designates 18% of all proceeds towards a dual mission to:

1) support social justice
2) provide art to communities that lack the funding necessary to make their spaces welcoming and comfortable.

Each person who buys a print or painting will be able to designate 9% of the proceeds to a selected charity. The following charities are currently on the list:


Anyone who’s visited hospitals, shelters or nursing homes knows how alienating these environments can be, especially when the conditions are a bit dreary, with none of the comforts of home. Art can help alter the mood and make people feel better in ways we don’t fully understand. That’s why the other 9% will go to a fund set up to pay for artwork for organizations such as nursing homes, shelters, and city hospitals, etc, that don’t have the available resources to brighten up their spaces with art.

The Chai Project

All photos and paintings are ©Shona Keir 2020