I am an artist by necessity. I wake up every day with a constant craving to create. Art is the way I see, understand and relate to the world. I’ve lived my life mainly exploring two creative mediums, photography and abstract art.  
Photography is essentially an outdoor activity for me and my companions, my dogs Oliver and Jody. They  jauntily explore new smells of the city while I walk in wonder, and connect through my camera. Looking through my photographs, you may notice I don’t have a primary subject of focus, and few of my photographs include people. Instead, most of my photography explores the union of urban life and nature, because I feel in that intersection a striking resonance, and a diverse expression and range of life in all its forms. Cities don’t always conjure up an immediate image of solitude and grace where nature and noise overlap, but in that apparent conflict I have always felt a harmony that keeps me going, and inspires me creatively. 
My abstract art follows a different path, but brings me to a similar feeling of peace and contentment. When I start working on a painting there is no predetermined destination; just a strong need to mesh colors and let my subconscious talk. Once a painting is complete, all sorts of little scenes are revealed to me. One of my favorite things to do after finishing a painting is to ask a friend what they see. Often people notice different scenes, and with accumulating perspectives, a fuller story emerges.  
I hope you can feel the peace and contentment that I experience in its creation.

Artist Statement