photographs & paintings

©Shona Keir 2020

Sunset over the Hudson River, NYC
in the spotlight
black white tree central park
central park lake spring
Red, Black and White Abstract
Blue/Grey/White Abstract
statue of liberty hudson river sunset
pershing square thank you first responders new york city
manhattan new york city buildings sunset uws
Pink & White Abstract
central park reservoir nyc social distrancing
pink flowers central park nyc
tree reflection the lake central park nyc
Purple and Pink Abstract
hudson river sunset from uws nyc
shakespeare's garden red white orange tulips central park nyc
Blue, Yellow & Green Abstract
Pink & Blue Flowers Abstract
art 37.jpg
79th street boat basin hudson river uws nyc
9.10.2020 107.jpg
central park reservoir ues manhattan nyc
art 4.jpg
DSC_5718 use wix.jpg
DSC_6728 use wix.jpg
photographs - current selection
pink tulip
front page 62 smaller.jpg
white textured clouds in storm sky
ollie and me bw.jpg
039 done pigeon.jpg
FAA Peach Rose Closeup rs.jpg
7.4.2020 573.jpg
5.3.2020 330 smaller.jpg
Clouds 8x12.jpg
4.2.2020 117.jpg
4.22.2020 374 wix.jpg
DSC_9779 sm.jpg
5.3.2020 031 f.jpg
front page 60 smaller.jpg
11.1.2018 b 114.jpg
4.22.2020 069 wix.jpg
DSC_6610 wix.jpg
DSC_3572 wix.jpg
DSC_4269 wix.jpg
4.14.2020 069 wix.jpg
151 alt 2 smaller.jpg
March 2020 158 reprint smaller.jpg
from the park 4.jpg
DSC_4556 wix.jpg
DSC_5534 wix.jpg
7.4.2020 227 smaller.jpg
DSC_5454 wix.jpg
paintings - current selection
art 13 landscape.jpg
art 7.jpg
art 5.jpg
art 23.jpg
art 22.jpg
art 67.jpg
art 38.jpg
DSC_6095 .jpg
art 71.jpg
art 35.jpg
art 82.jpg
art 42.jpg
5 nn larger.jpg
art 69.jpg
art 21.jpg
art 48.jpg
use 9 nn larger.jpg
art 61 (2).jpg
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Happy Pigeon


Prints are available for all paintings and prints.  Some original
paintings are available. 
Please contact me for available sizes and
prices, or if you have any questions or comments. 

Thank you for your interest!

Thanks for your interest!  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

about me

Art is the way for me to see, understand and relate to the world.
The photographs are the result of my ritual wandering through
the city.  My collection explores more than one subject, and many of
the photographs explore the union of urban life and nature, because there is an intersection between the two subjects that has a striking resonance, a diverse expression within life in all its forms.

Cities don’t always conjure up an immediate image of solitude and grace where nature and noise overlap, but in that apparent conflict there is a harmony that keeps me going and inspires creativity. 

My paintings follow a different path but attempts to join in the feeling of peace and contentment.  When I start working on a painting there is no predetermined destination, just a strong a need to mesh colors and let my subconscious talk. 

Once a painting is complete, all sorts of little scenes are revealed.  One of my favorite things to do after finishing a painting is to ask people what they see. They often notice different scenes, and with accumulating perspectives, a fuller story emerges.  


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